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Derby Cocktail Co. interviews Carl Sutton

Derby Cocktail Co. interviews long-time friend, collaborator and character, Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars.

Carl started making wine at Sutton Cellars in 1996. Eventually he brought Sonoma to SF by creating one of the first urban wineries in San Francisco at his current Dogpatch location. Carl has long been an active member in the SF culinary scene, sponsoring chili competitions and hosting block parties on 22nd Street. In 2009, he released his own line of California artisinal vermouth. His unique approach to vermouth took the local scene by storm. Alembic got in it on tap and it is still there today. Derby likes to use Carl’s vermouth in our cocktails to add dry, big-bodied nuance to the drink.

You can find Sutton Cellar products all around the city. For a quick bottle of Carl’s vermouth try Cask.

Cheers, Carl!