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So Long, Ol’ Friend: SDG Says Farewell to PRGC

Stag Dining Group said a sad goodbye to an institution that quickly made itself a part of the SDG family. The Pacific Rod & Gun Club closed its doors last Sunday, due to environmental remediation work to occur over the next 15 months. As a host to many of our events, the clubhouse attracted diners curious about the field to table movement. Incorporating afternoons of skeet shooting and elegant dining, our partnership with the PRGC created events that always resulted in good times that came from being in the field.


Dating back to 2012, our events at the Pacific Rod & Gun Club brought in an entire group of diners fresh from reading the pages of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, interested in having a new type of dining experience right at their fingertips.


To complete the experience, we paired up with wineries and local breweries. We had the great fortune of working with Bodkin Wines, Wilson & Wilson, Scribe Winery, Almanac Beer Co., and Ducky Goose from Oregon, just to name a few.


When we launch Deerblood Rosé, our very own wine label, we couldn’t think of a better, more fitting venue than the PRGC’s Clubhouse located on the shores of Lake Merced.

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Creating Deerblood was a huge endeavor for the Stags. Sharing the event with friends and family with the Pacific Rod & Gun Club as our backdrop will forever be a place marker in the fabric that makes up SDG.


Also, hosting the California Wildlife Association fundraiser at the PRGC gave us one of the greatest opportunities in our career. The chance to work with James Beard Foundation Award winning writer Hank Shaw was a dream come true, to say the least. Diners were treated to shooting lessons from Top Shot’s Chris Cheng and a collaborative menu between SDG chefs and Hank Shaw himself.


As the club closes we look back at these fond memories and the moments that brought together a great community who were passionate about great food.

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So will the club come back? That’s a big question. The PRGC is actively looking to be the greenest trap & skeet range in the country. If it were to reopen, we gladly stand by them as environmental sustainability is core to who Stag is.
In the event of reopening, it will look different. It could feature olympic skeet and trap shooting, it could include a myriad of other sporting and recreational facilities to use along Lake Merced, including boating, archery, dog parks, herb gardens, hunter safety education etc. And as long as the PRGC is involved, you can count Stag Dining to be alongside for the ride.
Who knows? Maybe a compelling field to table craft brewery could be in the plans as well.
Regardless of what the future holds we loved hosting people at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club. San Francisco simply won’t be the same without this institution.

Photo Credits: Andria Lo, Patricia Chang, Jouko van der Kruijssen and Michael Emery