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Stag Dining & Wise Sons Present: The Easter Brunch

Spring is full of traditions and symbolism of renewal, liberation and redemption. From Passover and Easter to Celebrations of the Equinox, this time of year is special to so many and to so many great culinary traditions.

So when the idea popped up to throw an epic spring feast, we looked no further than our pals at Wise Sons. Because Easter brunch with our Old Testament homies makes perfect sense as they have been anointed the “Bagel Saviors of San Francisco”.  We teamed up to celebrate, honor and riff on some great culinary traditions on this special day.

When food is on the table, everyone is welcome.



Guests enjoyed the ultimate “DIY Bloody Mary Bar”- Mezcal or Vodka customized bloody’s with bone broth, bacon spikes, pickled and fresh vegetables.



An assortment of Wise Son’s Bagels, including Sesame, Poppy, Salt, Plain, and Everything.


Kippered Sturgeon, Trout Gravlax, Pickled Mackerel, and Smoked Sablefish Salad.


Stag Chef, Jordan Grosser, and Wise Sons’ Evan Bloom told stories about the famed delicatessen and the collaboration of the brunch’s cuisine.


Katy Howard serves a California Caviar Pie with chopped egg, cultured cream, and potato crust.


Gracie Scholtz presented Wise Son’s Pastrami with warm kohlrabi kraut and horseradish.


Guests hunted for Easter eggs and played games in the Redwoods at Stern Grove.


Photos by Juko Van Der Kruijssen @sfwildlife