”…Derby Cocktail have rolled some super fun and easy-sipping snowcone cocktails…”

- 7X7 Magazine(Derby Snowcone - Jun 23, 2013)

If the idea of a boozy snow cone appeals to you—and how could it not?—get yourself to the bar at Derby Cocktail Co., where a new, civilized “cocktail picnic”

- San Francisco Magazine(Let It Snow - Aug 21, 2013)

“You’re going to eat a great meal.” “The food is amazing.”

- The Silentist(Shot and a Beer: The Feast - May 21, 2013)

“Derby Cocktail Lounge at Off the Grid? Yeah, it’s doing Negroni snowcones now.”

- Thrillest(The best frozen treats in SF - Jun 7, 2013)

“A Can’t-Miss Dinner!”

- Refinery 29(Stag Dining Turns One - Dec 15, 2011)

“…a very original creation…”

- Behance(Stag Dining Group: LA 101 - Dec 12, 2012)

“Stag Dining Group is Here”

- Clean Plates(It’s No Secret: Stag Dining Group is Here - Sep 27, 2012)

“…sings with a flavor all of its own.”

- The Bold Italic(Going Stag - Jul 10, 2013)

Something unique happens when you seat a group of strangers together for a long banquet, an effect that can’t be reproduced at cocktail parties or the communal tables at restaurants.

- SF Weekly(Stag Dining Group: An Above-Ground Series of Clandestine Dinners - Jun 9, 2013)

“refined and inventive California fare from Stag chef Jordan Grosser.”

- Ewallstreeter(Sit-Down Prix Fixe Dining Comes to Off the Grid - Mar 8, 2013)

“…amazing five course meal…”

- Champagne and Heels(2nd Anniversary Dinner - Jun 13, 2012)

“Greatest. Dinner. Ever. And Shoot Guns.”

- Thrillest(This catered dinner involves guns - May 10, 2013)

“…amazing courses each thoughtfully paired…”

- Umami Mart(Tap This: Stag Dining’s Brewmasters Dinner with Magnolia - Apr 27, 2011)

“Fleet Week was redefined with the launch of Mission: Battleship.”

- SF Chronicle(Mission: Battleship - Oct 23, 2011)

“Those wacky Staggos are pointing the rocket’s red glare toward France, with cocktails, wine, and a bunch of American takes on Franco-standards.

- SF Weekly(Anti-Bastille Day - Jul 13, 2011)

“I felt like I was at the Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.”

- The Styley(Stag Dining Group at Stern Grove - Nov 22, 2011)

“…delicious food…”

- The Styley(Styley stuff around town - Oct 27, 2011)

“…best dinner party experience.”

- The Bold Italic(DINING WITH THE STAGS AND ALOE BLACC - Mar 26, 2011)

“…thrive on an unpretentious approach to food and wine.”

- SF Chronicle(Stags Anti-Bastille Day Celebration - Jul 24, 2011)

“…a myriad of interesting dishes.”

- Sf Bay Guardian(Live Shots: Stag Dining “Speakeasy” Clandestine Dinner - Jan 29, 2011)

It starts with a cocktail reception (as all good Saturdays do), then a big communal table for a six-course feast (bacon-wrapped pork shoulder is involved) paired with endless wine. You’ll just have to wait for word on the exact locale…

- Urbandaddy(The Clandestine Dinner Series - Mar 10, 2011)