The Stag Story

Stag_FB__MG_3347-Stag Dining launched in 2010 when five longtime friends came together to offer inspired dining events in a supper club format called the “Clandestine Dinner Series” These thematic dinners integrated some of San Francisco’s best artisans and artists in truly unique settings.

Starting off with a supper club allowed for an innovative approach to the dining experience that incorporated excellent cuisine, art, and sustainably sourced ingredients in a festive, yet sophisticated atmosphere. From this blank canvas emerged dinners that celebrated seasons, local artists, winemakers, brewmasters and talented bartenders. With ingredient and technique driven cuisine, we have had the unique opportunity of being a nomadic restaurant that celebrates the community of The San Francisco Bay Area.

In the midst of our first year of business we developed a great relationship with Adrian Grenier’s They filmed one of our events featuring Aloe Blacc in the Summer of 2011. The event was so fun to put together that they invited us back to the Sundance Film Festival that winter to work with Ford Motors. Ford, was at Sundance to highlight their sustainable materials initiative and tasked us to tell that story through food in a supper club environment. What transpired was a magical night that featured great stories by Peter Glatzer and Adrian. An unplugged set from Aloe and Joel Van Dijk complemented this inspired call to action by Ford’s CTO. The dinner  carefully wove Ford’s vision into our dinner using all sustainable and local ingredients from the Salt Lake Valley. Diners had a great time, we rocked Sundance and came back to San Francisco with ambitions to evolve our business into a full-service event production and catering company.

Since then we still stay in touch with our supper club roots, hosting regular dinners with some of the Bay Area’s finest artisans, in 2012 we launched the Zagat Presents West Coast Series with Ram’s Gate Winery  and in 2013 we have collaborated on great events with Almanac Beer, Scribe Winery, and Heath Ceramics..

We continually strive to connect people with great food in compelling settings because it is our passion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create dining events that incorporate excellent cuisine, art, and sustainably sourced ingredients in a festive, yet sophisticated atmosphere. We create dining environments where individuals can come stag or with friends to a Clandestine Dinner and forge new friendships, while sharing a communal passion for food at the table.

Culinary Vision

Chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Fleury have worked together throughout their illustrious careers in the kitchens of some of the world’s most talented chefs and have independently evolved to their own signature approaches. Jordan and Ted’s culinary inspiration and collaborative creative process often draws upon music, wilderness, travel and art. Like many chefs, the desire to learn more and fine tune your craft is an endless pursuit. The supper club format has created the opportunity to not only be defined by four walls but a chance to work as close as possible to the sources we want. The people who make the cheese, the people who raise the animals, the animals themselves, the people who grow the produce, the artists, the musicians. Producing events with so many different platforms of creativity and trades surrounding the culinary world all act as creative inspiration for us to grow. Stag’s culinary vision is to consistently think outside the box but never losing track of our goal to create harmony in the kitchen utilizing flavors from everywhere.


Stag Dining Group is dedicated to making sustainable decisions for our venue, decor and the food that we choose for our clandestine dinners. Sourcing that emphasizes the beauty and bounty of the Bay Area is just one step we are taking to ensure we have a smaller footprint than a traditional brick & mortar restaurant. Stag Dining supports a growing network of local organic farmers that are utilizing best practices that benefit their products and the planet. We have also committed that each dinner is a zero-waste/landfill free event. We believe these decisions ensure we are delivering a quality product to the table, creating an overall positive dining experience.